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OC: Jez Logan [Updated] by AlbinoBadger OC: Jez Logan [Updated] by AlbinoBadger
Whoo! Finally jotted down her backstory and expanded her profile a bit a lot.

General Characteristics

Name: Jezebel Carey Logan

Appearance:  A slight, scrawny girl who's short hair and penchant for baggy clothing often lead to her being mistaken for a boy. Her hair, dyed a bright red, only emphasises her pale complexion. Dark circles underline pale green eyes- almost gray in hue- that gleam with her animated features.

Other Names: Jez, Carey

Alternate Forms: During the days preceding and following a full moon, Jez transforms into a coyote.

The scrawny canine has much in common with Jez's human appearance, including the same ashen green eyes and a bald spot near its left ear, the same side where her hair is buzzed.

Theme Song: Trying to be Cool -Phoenix (Alternatively, listen to her Spotify playlist here. 

J )


Personal Characteristics

Birth Date: 9 October 1992

Birth Place: Las Vegas, NV, USA

Hometown: Does not consider any particular place a hometown. During childhood she moved all over the Southwest, never staying anywhere longer than 2-3 years.

Desires: n/a

Secrets: Her status as a werewolf

Quirks: (What about your character makes them different from everyone else?)

    Physical Characteristics

Gender:  Female

Height: 61 in (155 cm)

Weight: 105 lbs (47 kg)

Nationality:  American

Complexion:  Pale

Hair Color:  Dyed red; Naturally auburn-brown

Hair Length: Short

Eye Color:  Green-grey

Scars: Needle tracks on both arms

Tattoos and Piercings:  Crucifix tattoo on left hip


Wardrobe: Most of Jez's clothes are ratty and worn from daily wear and often wrinkled. (She throws them in a pile and never folds or hangs them.) Her personal trademark and favourite possession is a brown suede jacket, several sizes too large, that she wears everywhere (even during warm weather). The lining of said jacket has been gutted in several places, making for a convenient way to conceal smaller objects she might be carrying. 

In addition to the jacket, she often wears straight or skinny - cut jeans and a simple t-shirt. She owns two pairs of shoes- a pair of red canvas shoes and a pair of brown walking boots. She doesn't wear jewelry other than the diamond stud in her right ear.

♣ It's not that she can't afford to replace her worn clothes, it's that she doesn't like to go clothes shopping.

Equipment: A cheap pre-paid flip phone, a switchblade, on rare occasions a snub-nosed revolver

    Health and Fitness

Addictions:  Smokes (although she has cut back to half a pack a day). She was a heroin addict for a few months, but has been clean for nearly a year. Before that, she dabbled in all sorts of things, but it was a social activity above anything else. As she fell out of touch with all her old friends, she had no reason to continue her crazy behavior.

Handicaps: Her small stature is a huge disadvantage in a fight.



Anima: Jez has always been a timid and nervous girl. Her first instinct is to avoid confrontation- be it physical or verbal- but when that can't be avoided she will stand up for herself. Her nervous and flighty behavior should not be taken as cowardice. (In fact, the nature of her personality may even make her actions braver than average.) She keeps most inner thoughts and feelings to herself.  After her best friend was in a motorcycle accident (and later died from the injuries), she became withdrawn and stopped hanging out with her other friends. Since then, she hasn't made many new ones.

Despite her general disregard towards society, she will do just about anything to fit in with her own social group. This strong desire to be accepted makes her easily susceptible to peer pressure.

Jez has a lot of nervous energy but never directs it toward constructive activities. Most her behaviors are borderline self-destructive. She's not self-loathing, but is certainly does not seem overly concerned with her own personal safety.

Persona: Jez puts on an exaggerated self-confident and dispassionate air in an attempt to compensate for her timid nature. Though uncomfortable as the center of attention, she is quite animated and a little melodramatic. Her sense of humour can be a bit abrasive and, combined with her hesitant nature and inadequate social skills, it keeps her from easily making new friends.

When speaking, Jez tends to be quite blunt and is generally bad with small talk. She isn't intentionally rude, but often comes across that way. Because she doesn't like to dwell on the negative, she has an almost upbeat attitude to contrast her crass speech.

JUNG Personality Test Results:

   Distinctive preference of Introversion over Extraversion (67%)
   Marginal or no preference of Sensing over Intuition (1%)
   Distinctive preference of Thinking over Feeling (62%)
   Slight preference of Perceiving over Judging (22%)

    Likes and Dislikes

Likes: Karaoke, sudoku, solitaire, card games (except poker, she's really bad at poker), funny television, lattes, terrible music, strawberry ice cream, cheeseburgers, cigarettes

Dislikes: Hospitals, chocolate, shopping, English/writing, people she perceives as "fake", flying insects (especially those that sting or bite)   

Mental Characteristics

Known Languages: English, Intermediate Spanish (though her grammar is awful)

Lures: n/a

Savvies: Excellent at navigating. She easily remembers roads and pathways after passing through them just once and rarely gets disoriented.

Ineptities: She's really bad at communicating and being subtle. English (especially writing) was her worst subject in school. She's not good with computers (because she's never owned one).

Hobbies: n/a


   Philosophical Characteristics

Morality: Jez lives in a world of grey morality that shifts with every situation. In general, she will avoid falsifying statements and major transgressions. Much more lax when it comes to questionable situations, she wouldn't break into someone's house to steal but has no problem taking an unlocked bicycle left on the street.

Perception: Though not an optimist, she prefers not to dwell on the bad. Despite her snide humour, she maintains an upbeat view of most situations.


   Spiritual Characteristics

Religion: None

Superstitions: Jez holds a few common superstitions, but not to a high degree. She put the most stock into number-based superstitions. (Lucky 7, unlucky 13...)

    Supernatural Characteristics

Ability: (Involuntary) transformation into a coyote

Strengths: Quick and nimble.  Easily blends into surroundings (even within the city, she is often mistaken for a stray dog.)

Weaknesses:  Relatively small size leaves her even more vulnerable in coyote form. She is unable to accurately predict the time when she transforms.

Restrictions:  Jez is forced to transform three days prior to and following the full moon. She has absolutely no control over the time when she begins to transform; it is usually tied with the moonrise and moonset (which can extend well into the day.) It seems that the pull is stronger on the night of the full moon and is weakened on the first/last day of the cycle.

The shifts have happened at moonrise and moonset for as long as she could remember. She doesn't remember being bitten, and thus wrote the cause of the abnormality to some weird mutation.

As a coyote, her awareness ranges from total auto-pilot (it is like her mind is asleep- she may wake up feeling physically exhuasted by mentally refreashed (which does not help her disrupted sleep schedule) to being able retain a good degree of human consciousness. This, however, takes a lot of mental effort.

Because of the sensory differences between humans and canines, spoken conversation is extremely hard to understand (Words come thorough in a sort of fuzzy, muffled way, as if someone was speaking to you while you were half-asleep.) It takes a lot of metal effort to process more than one or two words at a time, leaving Jez mentally exhausted.  Canine sight is also not as developed a human's. While not colourblind, canines see in shades of grey, blue, and yellow.

"Purple and blue are both seen as shades of blue. Greenish-blue is viewed as a shade of gray. Red is seen as a black or dark gray. Orange, yellow and green all are seen to a dog as various shades of yellow."


Humans associate words with shapes and colours. Canines instinctively learn by associating size and texture. This fact, combined with poor eyesight, leaves Jez unable to read even large signs in coyote form.

    Social Characteristics

Emotional Stability: Jez doesn't know how to deal with emotions well, her only response is to bottle up any strong feelings. This works at first, but very quickly falls apart. She was hit very hard when her best friend passed away and hasn't quite gotten over it. Her method of coping is to completely avoid the subject.

Humor: A crass sort of humour that sometimes turns a little dark. It's not exactly endearing.

Reputation: -WIP-

Status: -WIP-

    School and Work  

Degrees: None

Education: High school graduate (Even if she had to complete summer school to make it)

Study Habits: None. The most she might do is read over someone else's notes before a test.

Learning Type: Kinesthetic learner

Occupation: Sort of an errand/delivery boy. In her coyote form, she runs drugs across the border.

Boss: Fillipe, her housemate and a drug dealer.

Work Schedule:  She is pretty much "on call" 24/7, but most days she has a lot of time to herself

Income:  30k / year

    Interpersonal Connections

Immediate Family: (Who are the relatives your character sees everyday or saw everyday growing up? Parents? Siblings? Children? Adopted parents?)

Close Relatives: (Who are the relatives of your character that are only separated by one degree of blood difference? Uncles? Grandparents? Grandchildren?)

Distant Relatives: n/a

Ancestors: n/a

Allies: n/a

Enemies: n/a

Followers: None

Friends: Julius Angwyn (Published RP by Kurrumin [here])

Heroes: n/a

Pets: None

Rivals: n/a

Significant Other:  None


Childhood:  Jez doesn’t know much about her mother. She has no memories of the woman, only the spare snippets of information provided by her father when he is in a particularly open mood. Her last name was Carey. And Jez only knows that because it was thrust upon her as a middle name.

At least it sounded like a proper girl’s name, something she could fall back on when her ineptly chosen first name earned disapproving looks from her teachers and teasing from mean-spirited peers. It was quite apparent that when she was born her father recalled the attractive-sounding name but for whatever reason neglected to consider the negative connotations attached to it. Another reason to fuel her growing resent for the man.

It wasn’t that he was deliberately cruel; it was obvious that his heart was in the right place, but not even the thought of his child could keep him sober. He would stumble home- when he did make it home- reeking of alcohol or high on something else. Every so often a woman might come home with him to stay for a time before a big argument would send her huffing out the crumbling doorway. Sometimes they would treat the young girl with a nauseating display of pretend affection, but other times she had to deal with nasty glares and spiteful comments said aloud as though she didn’t exist. The timid little girl quickly became distrustful of both her father and anyone he brought home.

In some respects, it was lucky that her father moved towns almost as often as he moved through women. While this often meant being uprooted in the middle of a school year, the change in schools allowed her to get away from the name Jezebel. She began to spell her name “Carrie”, bitter at sharing anything with a mother who didn’t exist. Her father still called her by her first name, which she loathed, until one day when hearing it was enough to push her over the edge. Wounded that she would tear into him like she did, her father relented and began calling her Carey. She quickly grew to hate that name as well, but not as much as she despised her first name.

Adolescence: It was halfway thorough middle school when the runty new kid (by this time her small stature was quite apparent) found it hard to come across anyone willing to let her into their little social group. Eventually, she began to mix with the kids who dressed like her, came from the same neighborhoods as her, and had the same type of home life as her. Her grades, already B’s and C’s, began to slip and she started spending time after school with her delinquent classmates and their older siblings.

They all started with cigarettes and alcohol, as much in an attempt fit in with the older kids as it was to gain attention from (or just piss off) their parents. One thing lead to another, and by the time Jez relocated at the beginning of high school, she was into more than just underage drinking. Pissed that he had stolen so much of her life, she had no problem stealing from her father feed her unhealthy habits.

At her new high school in Tucson, AZ, she began introducing herself as Jez. She soon realized that drugs were the easy way to instantly find an accepting social circle. She just had to find a few people, share whatever substance she could pilfer from her father's "hiding spots", and would be quickly introduced to a whole network of acquaintances and friends. She would skip class to hang out with a group from her school, including several upperclassmen she never would have otherwise met, and her grades slipped to barely passing.

Her father, now disappearing for days at a time, left the kitchen pantry as bare has his empty wallet. She found a job at a convenience store only a block from her house and starting working shifts in the afternoon or even the early morning, getting off just in time to make it to school, to earn just enough money to buy her own meals and fund her "recreational activities".

During her junior year she took an interest in her biology course (and did quite well for never studying), and resolved that she would at least get her diploma. She had to complete summer school after the rest of her class had graduated in order to scrape by with the necessary credits, but she managed.

Adulthood: By the time Jez was officially out of school, most of her group of friends had moved away or were in jail. Luckily one of her closer friends, a stout, dark-skinned guy of mixed origins named Derrick, was still around and she began hanging around with him almost exclusively. He sang in a band who, despite playing mediocre covers along with a few terrible original songs, always managed to find a gig at some smoke-filled bar around town.

Derrick realized how much she despised her job and encouraged her to quit, offering to pay her with some of the band's proceeds if she helped with the constant unload, set up, tear down, and reload of all their equipment. It was a silly proposition- most of the cabinets were just as tall and as heavy as she was, and she hung out with the band before and after all their shows anyway, but she did her best and got to be quite good at setting up all the cables in some semblance of order and checking most of the equipment. During this time she would get trashed nearly every night, sleep it off until the afternoon, and get up to do it all over again.

She was jarred awake one morning by the loud jingle of her cell phone. Still half-asleep, she rejected the call and bumped the ringer down to silent. When Jez finally awoke later in the day, the tiny display screen of her phone boasted 12 missed calls. Figuring it must have been important, she dialed the last caller, one of the members of the band.

Much earlier that morning (it was nearly four in the afternoon as Jez woke up), Derrick had driven his motorcycle, a rustic old thing , towards home. An old pick-up truck made a right onto what appeared to be an empty street, not noticing the motorcycle approaching the intersection. Maybe he going too fast, or he was already too close to avoid a collision. The bike crumbled against the study metal side of the bed; Derrick was found laying lifeless several yards away.

By the time she received the news, everyone else had gone to visit him in the ICU and visiting hours were over. An extremely upset Jez, who was now viciously angry at herself, went to the bar she and her friends frequented to cope the only way she knew how.

Much later, she ended up in the hospital as well. It may have been too much to drink, bad batch of heroin, or maybe both, but she stopped breathing. The barkeep, who knew his regulars well, didn't think much of the lightweight girl passing out in a booth in the corner. But some gnawing thought in the back of his mind sent him to check on Jez, only to find that her breathing was too shallow to manage the amount of oxygen her body needed. An ambulance arrived in time to revive the young woman, but even an overdose was not enough to scare her straight.

It was only by chance that she ended up not far from her best friend. She was surprised by a visit from a few familiar faces, who mentioned they had stopped by after visiting Derrick, a few rooms down. He was conscious for brief periods of time now, but it remained uncertain if he would ever walk again.
The staff began to know Jez as the green-eyed girl who constantly disappeared from her bed, but could always be found down the hallway, perched on the bed of her battered friend. Despite the haggard look around her eyes, she always chattered animatedly, her feet swinging back and forth from her perch on the hospital bed.

A few days later, while Jez had nodded-off in the visitor's chair accompanying Derrick, he took a sudden turn for the worse. Pushed back into a corner by a rush of responding nurses, attempting to revive the flat-lining patient. The CPR, administered as a last effort to save him,  only aggravated the internal bleeding sustained in the accident. A horrified, white-faced Jez couldn't tear her eyes from the bloody scene in the hopes that Derrick would suddenly awaken. He didn't.

Jez was not equipped emotionally to handle such a drastic event. She refused to come to terms with his death by totally shutting out anything that reminiscent of her best friend. She very quickly fell out of touch with her remaining friends and stopped frequenting her usual hangouts. Halfway through her grieving period, she gave up heroin which only extended the already lengthy process.

To this day, she refuses to set foot in a hospital.

((And the rest will be added later, after I decide if I'm going to write it out as a short story!))

TL;DR: She doesn't know her mother. Her father sucks and was/is never home. She fell in with the wrong crowd, used to get doped up all the time, and then watched her best friend die in his hospital room. (It wasn't pretty.)

    Other Information

♣ Played a lot of soccer as a kid, it's the only sport she ever cared for.
♣ Quite good at minesweeper
♣ Jez is full of contradictions. Despite her red hair, a stereotype of fiery personalities, she has an extremely timid nature. She overcomes a lot of her apprehension by rationalizing the situation. Her logical thinking helps, but can't completely overcome her stunted emotional growth and underdeveloped social skills.

Additional Artworks: RP Doodles by AlbinoBadgerOC: Jez by AlbinoBadgerAT - Jez Logan by IcyBiiThe Beast Within by Kurrumin

 Albinobadger commish by staypee OC: Jez Chibi by AlbinoBadger Commission: Jez Logan by ShineDUS


Original template by dehydromon can be found [here].

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